Graphic Design, Identity, Communication, Advertising
Project Overview
In May 2020, in a time of a global crisis, Forsberg's School of Design decided it was time to hatch the next generation of creators. Hard-boiled and sharp copywriters, sunny-side-up graphic designers and skilfully poached game designers, ready to level up into a career in the creative industry.  

During the spring, the Coronavirus made social distancing a global reality and this required people to work from home. For me and my colleagues it meant that we could no longer create the physical exam exhibition as planned and we had no other option but to make the exhibition virtual. 

Together with 60 exam students, me and my co-workers Fredrika Hultgren and Ebba Westlander Granath discussed the theme of the exhibition and decided it should be about eggs since eggs symbolise new beginnings, life and hope (some things we all needed during this time). My team and I had a close collaboration with designers Jonas Holm and Christian Altmann. They were responsible for the creation of the exhibition website, while my team focused on the graphic identity and created still images and motion graphics for social media and advertising, plus a catalogue. We were also in charge of the communication between the project team and the students.

Despite the extra challenges that the crisis brought, it was well worth the effort since we still managed to create an eggcellent eggsam eggshibition!