Oatly Blueberry Heart

Graphic Design, Advertising Campaign, Packaging Design
Project Overview
Blueberry Heart Bearer is an organisation that works to integrate newcomers in Sweden by introducing them to the Swedish culture and helping them to make new friends. They do this through various events and anyone who is interested can participate. This event is a collaboration with the Swedish company Oatly which needs blueberries for their new product. Thus, the event is a ‘blueberry – picking – competition’ where people are divided into teams and the challenge is to find as many blueberries as possible. Each team consists of four people (two newcomers and two natives) and the winning team, the team that picks the most berries, will get a unique opportunity to have their names written on Oatly’s new heart smart snack. In turn, Oatly gives some of its profits (from the new product) to Blueberry Heart Bearer so that they can keep doing all the great work that they do.