Spice Space

Product Design, Packaging Design
Project Overview
Are you tired of all the half-empty spice bottles crammed into your kitchen cabinet?
This power-driven, refill spice container is for all the people who are sick of the throwaway society. You can now forget about measuring spoons and the leaks and spills that come with that, just choose the amount you need on the touch screen at the bottom and click the red button at the top of the container to make your dinner or baking experience complete. You no longer have to waste your time, energy or water washing up measurement cups, which you could barely find in the first place anyway.
You easily choose spice by turning the green selector ring. The chosen spice is confirmed by the screen lightning up. By pressing the “spice touch screen” you can change the choice of spice, just click on one of the arrows to select another spice. When you change the amount of spice, the button you press lights up to confirm which button you click.
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